Service Obligations

Your Service Rights and Obligations
The establishment of the Regiment, your service rights and obligations are outlined in  Bermuda Law as part of the Defence Act (1965) and Governor’s Orders (1993)  and further explained in Standing Orders and Standard Operating Procedures.

Men and women who: are between the ages of 18 and 45, are Commonwealth citizens, residents of Bermuda, are able to seek employment, and meet security clearances may volunteer to serve. Work permit holders must provide a letter of permission from their employer.

Length of Service
You are obliged to serve for a minimum period of three years and two months from the date of your enlistment.  Only you (by volunteering) or the Governor (by executive order) may extend your term of service.

Service in Bermuda
Though you are only required to serve on operations in Bermuda, there may be opportunities for you to volunteer for an overseas deployment.

Training Overseas
You may be sent overseas to take part in training exercises. 

Drills to be Served
During each year of service you will be required to complete 40 Drills and one 15 day camp.  You must do all drills as ordered by the Commanding Officer.

The Regiment, in whole or in part, can be called up for full-time service, at any time, by the Governor.  Any time spent on Regimental duties during an embodiment is in addition to Camp Drill time.

Section 46 of the Defence Act outlines the “Duty of Employer” as does Section 13 of the Employment Act “Public Duties”.  Your employer must release you for Regiment service.  Employers may not reduce your vacation time because of your Regimental duties.

You are paid for time served, be it a drill night, annual camp or embodiment.  Embodiments and camps are paid for in advance or at the end of each week and your regular drills are paid at the end of each month.  You are also eligible for certain performance bonuses payable annually. 

Exemption or Deferment
Soldiers wishing to apply for an exemption or deferral of Military Service should contact their Company Office for further information on this process.  After you apply for exemption you are still to report on your regular drill nights until you have been formally exempted or deferred.