Pay, Resources & Benefits

Pay Rates
Royal Bermuda Regiment Soldiers are adequately compensated for their service.  Rates of pay are determined by a soldier’s rank and the number of years served in that rank.  The table below shows pay rates for Part Time Staff with effect from 1 November 2020.  For periods less than one day soldiers are paid “drills” with one drill equaling one quarter of the daily rate.


Royal Bermuda Regiment Part Time Staff Pay Rates - wef 1 November 2020

Rank FTS Step Pay Rate increase by 4.5%
  P/T P/T
Drill Rate Daily Rate
Pte - B 1 37.36 149.45
Pte - 1 2 38.30 153.20
Pte - 2 3 39.56 158.23
Pte - 3 4 40.73 162.94
Pte - C 5 41.73 166.90
LCpl - B 6 42.77 171.07
LCpl - 1 7 44.38 177.52
LCpl - 2 8 46.05 184.20
LCpl - 3 9 47.77 191.08
Cpl - B 10 49.51 198.04
Cpl - 1 11 51.26 205.03
Cpl - 2 12 53.21 212.83
Sgt - B 13 55.18 220.73
Sgt - 1 14 57.19 228.74
Sgt - 2 15 59.13 236.52
Sgt - 3 16 61.09 244.36
CSgt - B 17 63.03 252.13
CSgt - 1 18 65.05 260.19
CSgt - 2 19 66.99 267.96
CSgt - 3 20 68.98 275.91
CSgt - 4 21 70.94 283.76
WO2 - B 22 72.74 290.97
WO2 - 1 23 74.73 298.91 
WO2 - 2 24 76.67 306.68
WO1 - B 26 81.00 323.99
WO1 - 1 27 83.26 333.03 
OCdt 13 55.18 220.73 
2Lt - B 22 72.74 290.97
2Lt - 1 23 74.73 298.91
Lt - B 24 76.67 306.68 
Lt - 1 25 78.83 315.33
Capt - B 27 83.26 333.03
Capt - 1 28 85.72 342.89
Maj - B 30 92.69 370.77
Maj - 1 31 95.34 381.37

Performance Bonuses
In addition to pay, each soldier may also qualify for a financial performance award if they achieve certain targets.

  • Passing the Operational Fitness Test (OFT)
  • Passing the Annual Personal Weapons Test (APWT)
  • Passing the Multistage Fitness Test (MSFT)
  • Passing Annual First Aid Test
  • Passing Rules of Engagement Test
  • Passing Behaviours, Values & Standards, Diversity and Inclusion Test. 

$600 is awarded for passing all six tests, $400 is awarded for passing five, and $300 if four are passed.  If a soldier passes three or less they will not receive a bonus.  Volunteers are paid a bonus at the end of their first year.  For the 2017 intake a $500 bonus was offered.  This is reviewed annually.

Payment Times and Methods
All payments are made in Bermuda Dollars by electronic deposit to either a Current or Savings Account at HSBC, Butterfield or Clarien Banks. No payments will be made by cheque or cash. Before beginning their service soldiers will have to have a Bermuda Bank Account on which they are one of the named signatories.  

Soldiers are paid monthly for the drill nights and weekend camps they have worked during the pay period.  During training camps and embodiments soldiers are paid at the end of each week by wire transfer.   Performance Bonuses are paid annually in December.


Chain of Command...Just Ask!
The chain of command forms the basis of everything from communication to loyalty.  Maintenance of the chain is as important to soldiers as it is to commanders.  A soldier should feel free to discuss any matters with his immediate commander, or request, through the chain of command, to see a more senior commander. 

The Chaplain (Padre)

The Regimental Chaplain is available to provide spiritual guidance or pastoral care, comfort and support to any member of the Regiment particularly in times of bereavement.  He is not part of the chain of command and anything discussed with him is handled in strict confidence.  The Padre can be contacted through the chain of command.  

The PRI...Supporting Soldiers.

The President of the Regimental Institute or PRI refers to a fund designated to support soldiers.  It generates monies from the operation of the Private’s Canteen, provision of supplies to other messes and from the sale of goods from its Warwick Camp shop.  Through its shop the PRI is a good source of useful items for soldiers and the PRI fund also gives back to soldiers through support mechanisms and social events.  Soldiers can contact their FTI for opening times.  Members of the public can contact the RSM at RHQ at 238-1045.


The Bermuda Legion...Help for Life.
The Bermuda Legion (Charity 809) raises and administers funds for Bermuda's World War II veterans and widows. The Legion both responds to the urgent needs of veterans and their families, and advocates on behalf of the veteran's community with Government Ministries and Departments.

The charity is able to provide for a wide variety of welfare needs and family support due to the funds raised during the annual Poppy Appeal.  The Royal Bermuda Regiment's assistance with the Poppy Appeal is gratefully acknowledged by the Bermuda Legion.

Bermuda's outstanding contribution to the Allied forces during WW1 and WW2 is commemorated in the Remembrance Day Parade held annually in Hamilton on November 11th.

The Legion is affiliated with two world service charities: the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Service League and the Royal Canadian Legion, which provides a network of support to 14 Caribbean nations, now including Bermuda. Applications for further assistance from SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors and Air Force Association) The Soldier's Charity, the Royal British Legion and many other service charities can be made through the Legion's welfare caseworker.

The Bermuda Legion can assist serving and ex-soldiers of the Royal Bermuda Regiment with advocacy and support, and is researching opportunities to extend these opportunities. All requests for assistance are treated in confidence. Contact the Bermuda Legion at 293 3975 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Bermuda Regiment Charitable Trust
The Bermuda Regiment Charitable Trust (BRCT) is Bermuda Registered Charity No. 670. It was founded in 2003 to facilitate the receipt and disbursement of charitable donations received by the Royal Bermuda Regiment with a view to providing equipment and facilities, promoting cultural exchanges and providing scholarships and bursaries for further education.

The BRCT's previous sponsored and/or organised events have included the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2003, the Bermuda Tattoo 2005 and 2009 and The Presentation of Colours in 2010.  The BRCT funded and coordinated the yearlong Golden Anniversary Celebrations in 2015 which included a stamp issue, documentary film, book and many public events, concerts and parades culminating in a Royal Visit and the Bermuda Tattoo 2015.

Through these significant events the trust has raised monies to fund education, facilities and equipment for young Bermudians.

It is governed and administered by former officers of the Royal Bermuda Regiment as follows:

Maj (Retd) William C Madeiros, Trustee and Chair
Lt Col (Retd) William K White, Trustee
Maj (Retd) Stephen RO Caton, Trustee
Maj (Retd) George NH Jones, Secretary and Treasurer

For further information please contact The Secretary at 505-6962 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Fitness Centre

In 2007, the Regiment established a fitness centre for all serving members, located on the western side of the square.  This was done through the sporting and fundraising efforts of three members of the Regiment, who individually completed the Florida Ironman Triathlon in 2006.  The Fitness Centre has basic cardio and weight training facilities to help promote your fitness, for a small fee of $50 per year.  WO2 Williams, 444-2307 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Free Public Transport
As a soldier in the Regiment you are entitled to FREE transport on buses and ferries, whether in uniform or not.  Simply produce your valid Regimental Identification Card when boarding.

Discounted Services
You are eligible for discounted rates at various establishments when you present your valid Regimental ID.  The Regiment is actively working on negotiating for further discounts from other establishments. For a complete list of all discounts available, visit the Information and Publications page.

Recommended Viewing
Defence Heritage Exhibit, Bermuda Maritime Museum (open daily)
The Officers’ and The Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess—Photographs, Silver and other Collections (by appointment).