What We Offer

The Royal Bermuda Regiment offers the Bermudian community numerous opportunities that no other oganisation does.  After an initial training period, soldiers have the opportunity to transfer to an area of specialty such as rifleman, bandsman, medic, coxswain, logistician, administrator and many others. Through their career, soldiers have the opportunity – and are encouraged to  -  transfer to new Companies or sections to broader their military and operational knowledge.

Part-Time Service:
After completing an initial service period of 3 years and 2 months soldiers in the Regiment can choose to extend their service.  Re-engagement gives soldiers the opportunity to continue in their current post or be transferred to another Company or Department within the Regiment.  Many soldiers choose to re-engage after their mandatory service is completed which gives the Regiment a wealth of experience and knowledge to pass on to junior soldiers and new recruits.

Full-Time Service:
The Royal Bermuda Regiment currently employs 30 soldiers on a Full-Time basis.  These soldiers conduct the daily administration of the Regiment and specific Companies.  The positions range from entry level jobs (Clerks & Storeman) to top level command staff (RSM, QM, TO, CO).  To apply for any open positions (posted in Part One Orders) application forms are available from RHQ.

The Royal Bermuda Regiment is actively looking for suitable volunteers to join Bermuda’s only military unit.  By signing up as a volunteer you will receive an additional sign on bonus.  A career in the Regiment offers its members a wide range of incentives:

Adventure.  Participating in exciting and unusual activities that only a small percentage of our population will get to do - and the memories will last a lifetime.

Challenge.  Enduring through activities that will develop soldiers’ physical and mental boundaries beyond what they thought they were capable of achieving.  Once they know what they are capable of they will never settle for anything less.

Travel.  The Regiment will offer them the opportunity to potentially travel the world.  In recent years, the Regiment or its units have travelled to Australia, Sierra Leone, Cayman, Grenada, Barbados, Jamaica, UK, US, Turks and Caicos and other locations. Through their careers they will have the opportunity to attend courses at training establishments in UK, Canada, Jamaica and other locations.

Skills - Life and Employable.  A career in the Regiment means you will constantly be learning new skills and developing ones that you may already have.  Many of your skills will be directly or indirectly transferable into civilian employment making a soldier a sought after employee.  And when your service in the Regiment is complete, you will be given a certificate stating all the skills you have learned during your service time.

Soldier’s Testimonials.  Upon completion of military service, each soldier will receive a “Testimonial”.  This document outlines what skills the soldier has learned during their service, the values that the Regiment demands of its soldiers, and other information that a potential employer would find favourable when considering a soldier for civilian employment.

Cohesion - Social and Unit.  A pillar of strength of the Regiment is that it draws on all sections of Bermudian society.  Travelling through a shared military experience creates a bond between soldiers that is unlike any other.

Service. To your community and country.  Putting your country first and serving for the safety and welfare of others who cannot help themselves is a noble cause.  The community respects the military and you can feel rightly proud every time you wear your uniform of you tell someone that you are a member of the military.

Competitive Pay.  A basic Private Soldier will receive $140 per day of service, which equates to approx $2000 for their first Recruit Camp.  Your pay will only increase through further service.

Discounts for Soldiers.  Over 35 businesses in Bermuda offer discounted goods and services to Bermuda Regiment soldiers if they show their military ID at time of purchase.

New Friends.  From your first day you will constantly meet new people who will eventually become your friends.  As the Regiment draws its manpower from all sections of society, you may well meet people who you wouldn’t have met otherwise.  Because the military relies on cohesion and trust your fellow soldiers will become life-long friends.

Fun.  The military does require you to work hard.  However, working hard with your friends is rewarding and often enjoyable.  Military humour is like no other and you learn to constantly laugh with each other, even in the most trying circumstances.  But it isn’t always about challenging you – when the work is complete the military encourages you to enjoy your time off, whether that be in the mess socialising, doing a recreation activity with your colleagues, or joining in with one of the sports teams.

Sign on Bonus.  Every volunteer who completes Recruit Camp will be given a sign-on bonus (typically $300-$500)  at the end of their first year of service.