Military Honors for Cpl Richardo Gibbs

The island’s soldiers turned out in force at the weekend for the funeral of a comrade-in-arms killed in a bike crash. Corporal Ricardo Gibbs, who had served in the Royal Bermuda Regiment for more than 20 years, was buried after a military ceremony at the New Testament Church of God in Hamilton.

Join Us Today

The island’s defence force is launching a fresh drive for new soldiers for the second of its new-style Recruit Camps.

Hundreds Turn Out for Remembrance Day

The commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War ended tonight (SUN) with a beacon of hope lit at Government House.

Soldiers Declare War on Shoreline Trash

Bermuda’s defence force pitched in for a massive clean-up of the island’s coasts at the weekend. A group of ten Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers, plus support from Motor Transport troops, volunteered to clear up waste in the water in the west end, near to the new headquarters of the expanded RBR Boat Troop.

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