Volunteers for Bermuda Regiment Junior Leaders (BRJL)



The Commanding Officer of the Bermuda Regiment is currently accepting applications from officers and soldiers that are willing to assist with the BRJL program commencing in September 2012.

It is a privilege to be working with the Junior Leaders: all potential applicants should be mindful that if you are successful you will directly impact how the youngest members view the Regiment.

Applicants who are successful in being selected for a role in this important unit will assume their position as a secondary duty; all duties performed as part of the BRJL program will be paid at the appropriate drill rate.

Applicants can be ranked from LCpl to Major. As an instructor in the BRJLs you  will be required to teach military lessons and include, but are not limited to: First Aid, Signals, Skill At Arms, Fieldcraft, Drill, Adventure Training (qualification dependent) and Life skills. Volunteers will be expected to set a strong positive presence around the Junior Leaders at all times.

Officers are to submit their names to the Adjutant through their Coy HQ, Soldiers are to submit their name to the RSM through their Coy HQ.